Important Projects

  1. Construction works for Photovoltaic stations with a capacity of 40MWp in Diego de Almagro in Chile and 32.8MWp in Chitre-Penonome in Panama. 
  2. Construction of cable runs and low voltage cable restoration on the new railway line at the SKA-KIATO part with Alstom Transport S.A. 
  3. Electrical works for the new Administration offices of I&S SKLAVENITIS S.A. (24,000 sq.m.), as well as the offices of the OTE-estate building in Kerameikos (9000 sq.m.).


Our company undertook the construction of a Photovoltaic Station with a capacity of 146 MWp at Sierra Gorda, in Chile, which is one of the largest photovoltaic projects globally.

January 2016 - Start of works in January 2016 in London for the construction of the largest floating PV park in Europe with a capacity of 6.3MWp.

Signing of contract with Alstom Transport S.A. for electrification infrastructure installation works on the new double high-speed Tithorea - Domokos railway line..




The company owns specialised equipment both for the performance of works in all areas of its specialisation and for the maintenance of projects, as well as vehicles to transport small equipment and staff.

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